Hi  Andrew here

I  am a Small business owner that focused on helping businesses develop effective  Shipping programs across North America for many years. 

A  shipping strategy can be very vital to the business, and it is vital to the business if they want to compete in a huge marketplace. 

As a business owner, I was always been concerned about the vulnerability of my business to exposure to potential threats from Legal and Cybercrime events that could potentially wipe us out.

I knew I  needed to find ways to protect myself and my family.

I started to look for experts that would help protect the business. 

I soon found out the expertise was available but was very expensive and out of Reach for my business. 

I continued to search for solutions and found a suite of services specially designed for businesses like mine.

They provided the same protections that big businesses enjoyed but at an affordable Small business budget.  I was relieved, so I got protected. 

 I  also knew that every Entrepreneur and Small business owner I have ever talked to would be faced with the same concerns and may need help because they don’t want to lose everything that they working so hard to create either.

I decided to start ITPSTRATEGIES  to show them ways how to address their concerns and  

Protect their business whether it is a start-up or a thriving growing business.

This site is a resource for Professionals, Business Owners and Employees who are concerned about

protecting their Personal and business assets.

I provide Free Strategy sessions to anyone who has concerns and they would like some help

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