Small businesses and Employees need Asset protection from Cybercrime of  Identity Theft.

I work with small business owners, and their employees show them how to safeguard their assets against this 1 crime in the world, which is identity theft

Business owners do not realize the devastation that can be caused if their personal identity is attacked. *bank accounts have been seized work

*credit cards are not available

*Social security / Passports are gone

* Collection agencies are calling about debts for illegal purchases they never authorized

* Credit score is destroyed affection business operations because they are usually tied into their personal financial Arrangements and securing operating credit if compromises

The other reason that they have I need to pay attention to this serious issue is the enormous amount of non-productive hours and potentially thousands of dollars in legal fees as a try to restore the damage to pre-theft status.

I have a solution that will help anyone.

I Provide a FREE STRATEGY SESSION where I go over their vulnerabilities and show how to safeguard their assets

Here are the areas we will look at CLICK HERE TO BOOK A FREE STRATEGY SESSION

*Monitoring & Alerts( Everything that matters  including )

*credit bureau and credit score     * 

Email Phone  

Bank accounts  and credit cards 

Social insurance and Medical information 

Includes  Comprehensive Restoration  by licensed Private investigators 

Privacy & Reputation  Management 

*Facebook             * Instagram 

* Linkedin              *  Twitter and more 

Computer  Cell phone Protection

  • Malware / Ransomware  and Vpn for wif 
  • Password and wallet manager 
  • Vpn via Virtual Private Network (VPN)  for Wifi with bank-grade data encryption to keep your information protected from hackers.

Legacy  Asset Protection  and Estate Planning 

  • Will for owner  and  Spouse 
  • Power of attorney 
  • Health Directive document 
  • 24/7/365 emergency legal access to a lawyer if your legal rights, freedoms or liberties are being denied or threatened

You can contact me directly.

Andrew White

Small Biz Strategist

Tel 604 807 1667