Expertise and protection for Business Owners and Management who face issues in their business every day.

Business owners are faced with increasing threats to their businesses from changing government regulations, customer disputes, and potentially lost suits arising from these disputes.

The best way to protect the business from this is to have expertise in place that they can consult with to mitigate these potential threats.

The problem is when threats affect big businesses; they can afford the expertise that they need.

Most small businesses don’t have the financial wherewithal to contact legal help because of the high cost of the hourly rates and are left alone to deal with the threats.

There’s no question in these challenging times that Business Owners are open to many Liabilities doing business day to day they need protection.

I have a strategy to protect the business, and the owners, like big businesses, have a small business budget.

I provide a Free Strategy Session to owners that look at where they are vulnerable and how they can relieve the stress when they deal with the issues.

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Expertise available  

  • Unlimited Strategic  consultation on any related business matter 
  • Agreement and contract review and  dispute resolution 
  • Accounts Receivable assistance
  • Employee standards /  Employee handbooks 
  • Employment law 
  • Trademark 
  •  Civil litigation 
  • Interprovincial consultation
  • Personal and Family Asset protection
  • Cybercrime protection