Many Small businesses have turned to e-commerce to build their sales. This is been a prime target for scammers who are after the personal information and credit card information of their customers here is an example of what can happen.

A family-run printing company in Calgary is scrambling to rebuild its reputation and clientele after being targeted by a sophisticated scam.

They were first notified about fraudulent credit card activity back at the start of the year. Working with an outside consultant they quickly started an investigation into the company’s e-commerce website and decided to do a complete overhaul.

Turns out, they were too optimistic and the scammers were too quick. In the middle of the overhaul, the scammers were still able to infiltrate the system.

The Scammers had placed an order and dropped a PNG file in as order and it had malware on it,

They went in for a second and they skimmed data for that three-week period

The company had no idea the scammers had accessed clients’ credit card information until it was posted on the discussion forum Reddit. The post asked if anyone had their credit card compromised after using the company’s services, and there were multiple replies.

At the end of the day we’re on the victim side of this, you know. Not to mitigate the inconvenience and the pain in the butt and financial hurt on our customers but we’ve had to build a new website, pay for consultants, and lose customers.”

Kroeker added it’s too soon to know how many customers the business has lost — he just wants clients to know he’s done all he can to mitigate any further risk.

How to discover if this has happened to you

One way to discover your Personal financial Identity has been comprised it to have a Monitoring and alert program covering all of your financial accounts.

If you have had issues or are concerned about your privacy you can book a Free Strategy Session that will show you where you are vulnerable.


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